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ICANN: Buenas practicas en DNS y DNSSEC
Ubicación: Taller Aula 3er Piso - 8/11/22 13:00 - 8/11/22 14:00 (ART) (1 hora)

ICANN: Buenas practicas en DNS y DNSSEC
Nicolás Antoniello Technical Engagement Manager for LAC region  at ICANN
Nicolas Antonniello as Technical Engagement Manager for LAC region, Nicolas Antoniello 
joined ICANN in March 2020, based in Montevideo office, Uruguay. Nicolas works in
coordination with other regional engagement functions at ICANN and leads the execution
of the technical engagement strategy. Nicolas is an Engineer and graduated from
'Universidad de la República', Motevideo, Uruguay, in the field of Telecommunications,
Electronics and Power Systems. For the last five years, he was appointed as a Senior
Advisor for the Uruguayan Government's Minister in charge of national telecommunications
policy. During his appointment to the Ministry he has represented Uruguay at many
regional and international level organizations and treaties. In the past years he has
been working for the national telecommunications company (ANTEL) in different positions.
He has been a university professor for over 14 years. He has also been working very
close with the Internet Technical Community. He has been the Chair of LACNIC's Public
Policy Forum for over 6 years; technical instructor at the LACNIC events for many years;
as well as participating as instructor in many other courses at regional level. He
participated from the community in the development of the DNSSEC Root signing protocol
and has been working as a TCR (Trusted Community Representative) for the DNSSEC Root
signing process and Key maintaining protocol. After the IANA transition, he was appointed
to one seat on the IANA Numbering Services Review Committee corresponding to the LACNIC
region, where he served for three years. He is also founding member of LACNOG (the Latin
America and the Caribbean Network Operations).

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